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In accordance with Directive 2009/136/EC and Italian legislation governing the use of cookies, contained in Article 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (hereinafter the "Privacy Code"), we hereby inform you about the cookies used by the website of Agenzia di viaggi telematica Look Eat by Parmalook di Matteo Agoletti (hereinafter "ParmaLook" or the "Website") and the reason for their use. The following information is provided pursuant to Article 13 of the Privacy Code and completes the privacy policy posted on the Website. For whatever is not directly explained here, please refer to the contents of our Privacy Policy.


We may amend this Cookie Policy from time to time by posting a revised version and updating the "Last updated" date of this document.
The revised version will be effective at the time we post it. We encourage you to review this Cookie Policy whenever you use our Services to stay informed about our information practices and the choices available to you and to contact us if you have any questions about these changes.

What cookies are

Cookies are small text files that the websites stores into the user device and can be used by websites owners or third-parties, e.g. advertising agents, that communicate with the visited website.

The data contained into each cookie can be used for different purposes, e.g. to make the user experience on the website more efficient or to track the exploration done in other websites that use the same cookie.

Types of cookies

Based on the services offered to its users and the purposes for which a website is designed it can use different types of cookies.

Below is reported a description of some of the cookie types and the scope for which they are used.

Own cookies or first-party cookies

These cookies are installed on the terminal of the user's device from the website itself (which domain equals the one specified in the browser address bar) or by their managers and can be accessed only by that website.
Commonly these cookies are used to store informations about user preferences to be used in the future visits of the website.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are installed through domains different from the one specified in the browser's address bar, i.e. from third-party companies which the website does not belong to. These cookies can be used for different purposes, e.g. to collect data for advertisement purposes, content customization or to track the activity of the user on a website to generate web statistics on how to improve the website functionalities.
The website you are surfing have no control over these cookies. To disable or reject third-party cookies it is necessary to refer to the third-party websites.
For this reason most of the modern browsers allows the user to block these cookies preventing them to be stored on the user's device.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies stores data on the user's device for a certain period of time specified by its owner when the cookie is created, which could last from a few minutes to considerably longer periods.

Persistent cookies are used to store and retrieve user preferences and/or settings when the user visits the website in the interval of time within the cookie creation and its expiration. They can also be used to improve the user experience of a website, e.g. if an user has logged with his personal account onto a website and a cookie has been issued, its user experience could be improved since he does not need to log in every time he visits the website again.

When a cookie is expired it is removed from the user's device and a new one is been generated.

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies are used mainly for publishing advertisements that are deemed of interest to the user, for example limiting the number of times an advertisement is presented on the website (because the cookie remembers what the user has seen on the website) and helping to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This information may be shared with other parties, such as advertisers.

Commonly these kind of cookies are also persistent.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies allow you to browse the website and to use all its functions. Without these cookies you may not be provided certain services or functions and browsing on the website would not be easy and functional.

This type of cookies can be considered as an aggregation of other types of cookies: session cookiesalytics cookies and functional cookies.

Session cookies

These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are often used to store information, e.g. a list of products purchased, only for the service requested by the user at any time and are automatically deleted at the end of the session, e.g. when the user closes the web browser.

Analysis cookies or Analytics

These cookies collect information about the use of the website (such as the indication of the pages most frequently visited, verification of recurrent patterns while using the website, etc.) and allows for improvement of its functioning, helping to understand any difficulties encountered in the use of the website.

The data collected by this type of cookies, often anonymized, are commonly used to generate statistics and improve the website and the user experience of its visitors.

Analysis cookie may be also of type "persistent" or "session" and, depending on who has issued it also "third-party" or "first-party".

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow storing of the user's choices on the website and/or services expressly requested by the user, in order to provide more advanced and more personalized services, such as customizing a page or remembering where and what has been proposed to the user previously.

How to manage consent

Users can also configure their browsers to accept or reject all cookies, or choose which ones they agree and which ones they refuse to install.

If cookies are blocked some website may not work properly and/or some services could not be delivered to you. 

Users can withdraw their consent to the use of cookies by checking the appropriate boxes in the descriptive forms in this document or by visiting the address

How to configure the browser

On the browser, users may make use of one of the following, depending on the type of browser they use. If your browser is not listed below, we recommend you to check the manual of the browser which is used to configure cookie management.

Other cookies

Considering how Internet works, the owners and manager of websites are not always able to verify third-
parties cookies that are installed on users devices when they are navigating the website.
Consequently if a user detects a cookie of this type on the website, regarding
the cookie policies about that specic cookie please refer to the website that generated the cookie.

How ParmaLook uses cookies

We at ParmaLook really believe that your privacy must be one of our priorities and it is important for us give some information about the cookies used on our website and the purposes they are designer for.

Cookies used by ParmaLook's website

ParmaLook only uses cookies in order to provide the services requested by their users and generate anonymous statistics regarding the user interaction with the website to improve the ease of use and the technical development of the website.

The following is a detailed list of the cookies used on the ParmaLook website and what we use them for.

ProprietarioTipologie di cookie utilizzateScopo dei cookie
www.parmalook.itTecnici, funzionali, persistenti, di sessioneUtilizzati per mantenere le preferenze dell'utente e garantire il corretto

AnaliticiUtilizzati per raccogliere informazioni anonime sulle attività degli utenti al fine di generare statistiche di utilizzo del sito per raccogliere informazioni anonime sulle attività degli utenti al fine di generare statistiche di utilizzo del sito