Cooking classes

cooking classes | Parmalook

Look Eat by ParmaLook organizes cooking lessons. During these lessons the chef will show to the visitors how it is possible to prepare and cook the typical parmigian food.

At the end all the visitors will be able to prepare and cook the typical parmigian food alone.

It is possible choose if bring to home the food or to eat directly at the restaurant after the lessons.


Typical parmigian food

pasta | cooking classes | Parmalook

The visitors and the chef will decide togheter which typical parmigian food to prepare.

It is possible to prepare:

  • i tortelli di erbetta
  • la torta fritta
  • le lasagne
  • le tagliatelle
  • i tagliolini
  • i dolci tipici rustici

The minimum number of visitors for lesson is two.

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