Our mission

Look Eat Travel Agency by "ParmaLook" is the agency for the promotion of the region, which creates and organizes characteristic tours through the sights, smells, tastes and culture that Parma has to offer. We have different types of tour packages which can be customized to any need or preference.

Art, music and food culture of Parma

Art and Music in Parma

Tourists who have an appreciation for art will enjoy packaged tours and guided visits to the city’s museums to see the masterpieces by Antelami, Correggio and Parmigianino.


For those interested in the history of this region we propose a packaged tour and guided visit to the historical castles of the Duchy.


Those with a passion for music will take delight in visiting the lands of world renowned composer Giuseppe Verdi and immersing themselves in the cultural beauty, sounds, and tastes in the plains of the Busseto region which are rich with history and tradition. We also offer the opportunity to visit ‘Teatro Reggio’ which hosts a great variety of musical events such as lyrical concerts and operas.


Food Lovers will find great interest in visiting a traditional Italian ‘Salumificio’ which produces a variety of different types of  infamous meats such as Parma HamCulatello di Zibello or Salame di Felino. Packaged tours and guided visits to authentic cheese factories that produce the world famous Parmigiano Reggiano  are also on offer, with the opportunity to conclude the visit with a degustation of the traditional and original flavours of these regional products.

Thermae, sports and outdoor activities

Thermae | Parmalook

Tourists will find great health benefits at the Wellness Centre and thermal baths of SalsomaggioreTerme as well as having a lot of fun shopping for clothes and accessories at the  Fidenza Village Outlet Shopping Center which is host to world renowned fashion labels such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Ralph Lauren and  many more at discounted prices.


For those wishing to immerse themselves in the nature we offer the chance to hike the mountains of the Valtaro area where tourists can have the unique opportunity to discover the sights and aromas of this region,  you may even be fortunate enough to find an infamous ‘Porcini’mushroom of Borgotaro.


For the sports fans, Parma houses a variety of different sports teams such as soccer, rugby, women's basketball, baseball or American football.

Meetings and exhibitions

ParmaLook also provides services related to organizing events, meetings and exhibitions for companies and operators of sports events.